Candle Safety Instructions
You will adore THE CANDLE BOX CO Candle range. Though candles have been around for centuries the use of candles requires care and attention of any associated risks, so please ensure you always follow these safety precautions.
• The first burn is very important. Never burn a candle for less than 1 hour, “tunneling” may occur if the candle is lit and extinguished before the pool of wax has formed, let the candle burn for a couple of hours or until you see that the wax has melted all the way across the top of the candle. This will avoid creating a tunnel effect to your candle.
• Never burn a candle for less than 1 hour or more than 4 hours at a time.
• Never leave a burning candle unattended.
• Keep away from things that may catch fire.
• Keep away from children and pets.
• Ensure candle is within sight.
• Keep your wicks trimmed to ¼ inch before lighting, if you notice smoke coming from the wick it is generally because the wick is too long. Every couple of hours or so, put out the flame, wait for candle to cool and melt pool to become solid, trim the wick and relight. This will not only help to keep your candle from smoking, but will also extend the life of your candle.
• Avoid placing candles in windy areas, air duct or fan.
• Do not use if glass is cracked, chipped or broken.
• Stop burning when 10mm of un-melted wax remains in the bottom of the glass.
• Never move a burning candle. Ensure candle is extinguished, wax is solid and jar is cold before handling.
• Always burn candles on a heat-resistant surface.

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